• The first group of people on record to inhabit the Andes mountain range from Ecuador was the Incans
• The Spanish conquered the Incans in 1532, and a new colonial city began to develop in Quito
• Locals continue to inhabit the Andes mountain range from Ecuador
• Irrigation techniques passed down through the centuries are still employed by farmers to this day. Wheat, corn, barley, and quinoa are all grown in the high northern section of the Andes mountain range from Ecuador.
• From Quito, tourists can engage in a number of different day trips for hiking and climbing, river rafting, bird watching
• The Andean region is the most visited region in the country
• Its cultural and natural diversity spans grassy highlands, cloud forests, mountain lakes, active volcanoes, thermal baths, Indian markets, colonial towns and haciendas
• A national system of protected areas and the intervention of individuals and private groups maintainvigilance over these sites and offer adequate facilities and protected explorations

Information of the most popular mountains
Have volcanoes that are more than 16,400 feet/5,000 meters high and are permanently covered with snow and glaciers dating back to ancient times. The tallest active volcano in the world is Cotopaxi (19,350 feet/5,897 meters above sea level). Chimborazo (20,702 feet/6,310 meters above sea level) has five summits on flanks of rocks and an extensive Andean plateau. Cayambe (18,996 feet/5,790 meters above sea level) is the only snow-capped mountain in the world that is located at zero latitude. Iliniza Norte (North) (16,784 feet/5,116 meters above sea level) and Iliniza Sur (South) (17,267 feet/5,305 meters above sea level) are considered by the indigenous people to be a couple: male mountain and female mountain. The impressive Antisana (18,713 feet/5,704 meters above sea level) has two cones joined together by a shallow ridge.

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